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date 24.Mar.2013

■ How to obtain plain text IP:PORT proxies by country

In a previous article we talked about proxy servers and how to get proxy servers in countries of your choise that are working. Web Proxy Checker is used to test the proxy IP addresses, but its free version operates on plain text lists only. Websites that publish proxy list databases like hidemyass charge for their plain text lists.

A simple solution would be to access the free proxy list using your web browser, then copy/paste the IP and port addresses to create the plain text list. However this is very tedious, so we created a tool that does this job automatically for you.

Download ProxyList, the free proxy list extractor (150 KB)
Update 21-Nov-17: Sadly hidemyass website no longer offers free proxy lists so this tool is useless. If you want proxy lists by country try this website

After installation, run the tool and type in the country name, then click get proxy servers button. After a little while, you will see a list of IP:PORT addresses (operating in that country) in the results window — see the picture to the right. Note that country names must appear as in the proxy country box, e.g. United States for USA etc. Finally use copy results button to put them in the clipboard and from there paste in Web Proxy Checker for testing as explained before.
screenshot of proxy server IP extractor tool

The proxy list table in hidemyass website is clearly designed to spoof automatic screen scrapers, but nothing will resist the crack tracker script engine <g>

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