■ Will you just watch people stealing your intellectual property?

Fight against online piracy with Crack Tracker

If you are a software author and you lament the loss of earnings from cracks and keygens distributed via file-sharing sites then you will appreciate this unique DMCA assistant tool, which scours your illegal downloads from uploaded.net and co, effortlessly!

Discover and remove counterfeit e-books, movies, music and games too!

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Crack Tracker is no longer actively developed.
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Software details

Designed for:
Windows NT (32 & 64 bit) 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10

Internet Explorer 6 or later

Latest Release:
v1.8.9.6 (3 Nov 2017)

Seat price: $99.95+

compatible with windows 10 compatible with windows 7


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Rank checker update
date 21.Nov.17

Free SEO website rank checker tool updated to version 1.5, fixing some problems with Bing search engine
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Professional edition
date 16.Mar.12

Starting with version 1.2, a new Crack Tracker variety called professional is released, catering for the needs of bigger companies with many products to manage and remove from download sites.
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PDF takedown notice
date 15.Jan.12

Sometimes a plain email isn't adequate to remove your pirated software. But it is very easy to create a PDF letter for the more demanding file-hosters [more »]

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Here is how you leak profits to file-hosting sites (cyberlockers)

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» Crack Tracker to the rescue!

  • Searches well known warez forums for your (cracked) program
  • Securely trawls into some of the nastiest areas of the internet
  • Creates a list of confirmed copyright-infringing downloads
  • Sends DMCA takedown notices to file-hosting websites
  • Your illegal downloads are removed
  • Your profits recover
Still doubting or unsure? Please request a free piracy assessment. Just contact us with your product name and website, and we will use Crack Tracker to compile a report of the extent of your piracy problem, including a sample of pirated downloads. Click for your free assessment


How does it work?

Click here for a demo video play demo

Although Crack Tracker cannot stop hackers from patching or cracking your software, it helps putting an end to the distribution of these cracks through file-sharing (cyberlockers or cloud storage) websites like rapidgator.net, mediafire.com, letitbit.net and many other like them. These websites run a legitimate business and if you alert them to some illegal download they will remove it, as they subscribe to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), an international treaty for copyright protection.

Crack Tracker is a meta-search engine that uses the same search engines pirates and people searching for warez use, to discover all live downloads that match a search keyword (e.g. the name of your software or your company). You won't find most of these results in google or other generic search engines.

Crack Tracker finally sends DMCA takedown notices via email to file-hosting sites it knows of, which—assuming they honor the DMCA and you properly identify yourself as the original author—will remove your material soon. Without easily available cracked versions, people who need your software will be forced to buy it, and your profits will increase.

All this may sound as a big job, but all you have to do is start crack tracker and search for your software name, then sit back and watch crack tracker perform the search and DMCA notification procedure automatically — it's that simple!

Download your free crack tracker trial and see how many of your pirated downloads are in circulation!



Crack Tracker lets me easily find illegal copies of my software on download sites and send DMCA takedown notices. Most of these illegal copies are removed within 48 hours. Without Crack Tracker, it would take me at least 10 times as long to do what Crack Tracker does, and if Crack Tracker gets me just one more sale per year then it more than pays for itself. Plus, I enjoy creating extra hassle for those who would keep trying to re-upload illegal copies!

- Albert Wiersch, CSE HTML Validator

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