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■ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Crack Tracker only for software cracks and keygens?
Although the prime target is counterfeit software, crack tracker will also discover and remove all sorts of electronic content like e-books, movies, music, games, etc.

Crack tracker cannot find any results
First make sure your internet connection is working and your firewall is not blocking crack tracker. Also make sure you choose your search keywords wisely.

How long does it take to remove an illegal download?
Crack tracker can only report a download, then it is down to the file-hosting site to act upon the DMCA takedown notice. Some sites act quicker than others but in general within 10 days a link will be removed.

Can I track and delist torrents?
At present only full downloads are handled. Illegal content is distributed through torrents but that is much harder to remove. Fortunately the popularity of torrents is decreasing in favor of direct full downloads.

Do you offer a complete crack removal service?
No. Crack tracker is designed as a DIY desktop tool you can use to remove your own copyright infringing material. This way many technical and legal limitations are side-stepped.

Is Crack Tracker subscription based?
No; the version of the program you buy is yours to keep indefinitely. However like anti-virus programs crack tracker relies on frequent updates to keep it up against the ever changing warez scene. Therefore you will benefit by purchasing annual upgrades to keep your version current.

How do I update my Crack Tracker?
If you own an older version, download the latest trial version from the website and install it over your existing crack tracker (no need to uninstall first). This way your license and settings will be preserved. (upgrade costs may apply)

How come my key has expired? How do I purchase an upgrade?
Upgrades are not guaranteed to be free, once your registration key is more than 1 year old. Keeping an older version doesn't cost anything but won't be as effective discovering pirated IP. There is no special upgrade price, you just purchase a new license key and use it to activate the latest version.

■ e-mail support

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